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Fredrick D. Pugh, II: A Morehouse Man's Gift to Spelman

Fredrick D. Pugh, II: A Morehouse Man's Gift to Spelman

In February 2008, Fredrick D. Pugh, II, a Morehouse College graduate contacted the Office of Planned Giving at Spelman College stating his intent to make a gift to the school. While every gift to the College is special, Mr. Pugh's number stands out. It's not the amount of his gift, but the age at which he has made it. At 23 years-old, Mr. Pugh has become a member of the Guardian Society, an honor reserved for Spelman donors who have made provisions for the College through planned gifts.

"I figured it's better to get an early start," says Mr. Pugh, who is a commissioned officer in the Coast Guard. Motivated by his job working in waterside port security for New York Harbor, Mr. Pugh began researching viable estate planning options. "I talked to some attorneys that came by the base and started looking up planned giving on line. It was really easy."

Mr. Pugh graduated from Morehouse in 2006 with a degree in psychology. While there, the Oakland, California, native minored in early childhood education at Spelman. "Because Morehouse and Spelman are brother and sister schools, unofficially, I figured if you give to one you might as well give to both," he says, explaining his reasoning for giving to Spelman. "I definitely would not have had the same college experience had Spelman not been there so the decision was pretty simple to me. Both Morehouse and Spelman have provided so much in making me who I am; and I realize that we have to keep them alive. They are private schools and no one else is going to give to them unless the alumni do? I decided I would do my part."

The Office of Planned Giving at Spelman College offers several gift plans and unique financial tools that can be used to plan your gift so that it also returns benefits to you. As a member of the Guardian Society your charity through a bequest or designation in your Last Will and Testament makes a gift that will benefit Spelman after your lifetime. Each year the gifts from Guardian Society members help support student and alumnae programs. This type of giving can be beneficial for donors of all ages.

"Planned giving is definitely the way to go," says, Mr. Pugh who encourages his peers to prepare for the future. "At my age in life, I really don't have the resources to outright give now, not in the amount that I gave in the planned gift. It's a more suitable way for younger people to give a nice amount to a school and the process really isn't difficult at all."

He believes lack of knowledge and funds are the main reasons many people don't give back. "I feel one of the biggest hurdles for people giving is not that they don't want to, it's either they don't have the means to give immediately or they just don't know how. Planned giving is a simple way to give an amount that you feel is significant and substantial enough to actually make a difference; and still establish yourself without depleting all of your finances. It's perfect for people of all ages."